Wanderers Union is a long-distance wandering club.

During a Wanderers Union event, you will travel by foot, bus, train, and ferry to a certain number of zones within a certain time limit. Our series of four events begins with a 4-hour wandering and culminates with a 24-hour wandering. Complete the entire series in a single year to receive the honorary title of Wanderer First Class.

Our events challenge you to explore a metropolitan area as a single holistic experience. During these events, spaces, structures, and neighborhoods are juxtaposed in novel ways that reveal hidden meanings.

Too often our paths are static. We go one way every time. We stay in the same small zones, never exploring the myriad places nearby. Through wandering we can liberate our perception to see the invisible magnificence hidden in plain sight, the incredible variety of being that takes place every day outside our limited frame. One need not travel halfway around the world to experience the pleasure of alienation that accompanies newness.

Those who wander with us will develop a deep knowledge of distance and terrain in the Bay Area metropolis, including suburbs, rural areas, wilderness, industrial zones, islands, ports, beaches, and possibly simulated environments in addition to urban spaces. You will learn new ways to get from point A to point B: some faster, some slower, each with its own aesthetic quality.

Going quickly is encouraged but all finishers receive the same honors, so camaraderie rather than competition is rewarded.

Wanderers Union is loosely based on randonneuring, a French style of self-supported long-distance cycling.


Ian Kizu-Blair, Sam Lavigne, Tyler Nguyen, Jackie Hasa, Yoshi Salaverry, Orion Kellogg

If you wish to reach the organizers of Wanderers Union, please email contact at wanderersunion dot com.